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Insurance for Light Manufacturers

JLA Insurance Group has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the right manufacturing insurance policy options for your operation. With the assistance of EMC Insurance Company, we offer a full range of commercial insurance policies for manufacturing companies including makers of electronic equipment or accessories, food products, furniture and fixtures, metal goods, plastics, rubber goods, textiles and wood products.

EMC Offers Many Types of Insurance for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing business insurance can include a variety of individual coverages, including:

Essential Property Coverage helps protect your buildings, tools and manufacturing equipment against physical damage such as fire.

Comprehensive Business Auto Coverage protects your delivery trucks if you transport products. It covers company vehicles and personal vehicles that your employees use for work.

Commercial General Liability Coverage protects your business from liability exposures, including premises and operations, independent contractors, product liability and completed operations. For example, if your company produces a product that causes harm to your customers, general liability insurance can help ease the financial burden.

Errors and Omissions (Manufacturing E&O) Insurance is an optional coverage that provides protection if a customer suffers financial damages due to a defective product.

Delivery Errors and Omissions Insurance is an optional coverage that provides protection if a customer suffers financial damages due to a delivery mishap.

Umbrella Coverage provides your business with additional security in the event of a catastrophic liability claim that would otherwise exceed your coverage limits.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers medical expenses and compensation for workers who get injured while on the job (available in select states).

How Much is Insurance for a Manufacturing Company?

The cost of manufacturing business insurance can vary depending on the size and type of your operations. EMC can customize your manufacturer insurance policy to work for you. Contact JLA Insurance Group and ask about EMC’s manufacturer’s insurance.

Types of Manufacturing Insurance Coverages

Property and Inland Marine

  • Brands and labels

  • Consequential loss to stock

  • Contingent transit

  • Contract cancellation

  • Contractual penalties

  • Deferred payment

  • Employee dishonesty

  • Extended warranty

  • Optional food manufacturer’s industry extension

    • Food contamination

    • Refrigeration breakdown expense

    • Refrigeration breakdown in transit

  • Foundations

  • Manufacturerʼs selling price

  • Marring and scratching

  • Nonowned detached trailers

  • Ordinance or law

  • Patterns, dies, molds and forms

  • Precious metals the* limitation

  • Property in transit in the care of carriers for hire

  • Property temporarily in portable storage units

  • Transit business income

  • Voluntary parting

  • Water backup and sump overflow


  • Blanket additional insured, including primary and noncontributory

  • Blanket waiver of subrogation

  • Fellow employee

  • Foreign liability available

  • Product withdrawal expense

Commercial Auto

  • Blanket additional insured

  • Combined auto physical damage and cargo deductible

  • Hired auto physical damage

  • Locksmith service

  • Personal property of others

  • Rental reimbursement

  • Temporary transportation expense

  • Towing and labor

  • Waiver of deductible for glass repair or replacement

These are just some of the coverages offered.

Disclaimer: This is a summary of coverages available. Coverage is subject to policy terms and conditions, limitations and exclusions, and may vary from state to state. Read your policy for specific terms and conditions, or contact your local agent for details.

Count on JLA For Quality Manufacturer’s Insurance

Whether you need insurance for a factory or a small textile operation, JLA Insurance Group has a wide range of insurance policies for manufacturing companies.

*These services are available only in territories where EMC provides workers’ compensation coverage.

If you need assistance with your insurance for your manufacturing company, please contact us today! The reason we chose to be an Independent Insurance Agency is so we can provide you with multiple options. We recognize that everyone's situation is different and the ability to contact multiple insurance carriers helps us tailor a policy specifically for you. Our team is waiting to provide expert guidance and advice.

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