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Auto Repair

Engine Work

Owners of garages and auto repair shops need business insurance to protect their assets from the risks associated with making repairs to other people’s vehicles. Any kind of injury, error or property damage can result in a costly claim or lawsuit.

But with appropriate business insurance tailored to your needs, you can face your risks and stay in business for the long term.

Automotive repair shops, car mechanics and auto body shops are not only entrusted to fix their customers’ cars, but they are also entrusted to keep those cars safe while in their control. In addition, auto repair shops face the following types of business risk:

  • Slips and falls

  • Worker illness or injury

  • Faulty workmanship or parts

  • Fire, bad weather, vandalism or theft

  • Damage to a customer’s vehicle while in your care

  • Employee theft or crime

  • Business interruption

You need a variety of business insurance policies to protect your business from these risks. In addition, garage liability insurance and garagekeepers insurance help you protect your customers’ property and your business in the wake of accidents, injuries or property damage.

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