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Public Sector


Often in budget-constrained environments, public sector entities must balance pursuing opportunities with addressing needs, such as ageing infrastructure, ageing workforce, public/private partnerships, disaster preparedness, law enforcement liability and cyber risk preparedness.  

With public dependence on this infrastructure and increasing regulatory scrutiny, government is more frequently held to account in law. Common themes include complex injunctions, damages claims against local governments for financial loss and challenges and torts arising from compliance and
enforcement activities.

Apart from such professional liabilities, the public sector owns and manages large-scale assets. Often the state’s major employer, they also face the same workplace health and safety, property protection, industrial relations and liability issues as private sector organizations.

JLA's public sector expertise can provide comprehensive and innovative solutions around self-management, mutuality, risk management and risk transfer of government assets (both physical and people risk). These solutions can help public sector entities achieve both transparency and efficiency, whilst lowering their total cost of risk.

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