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Employee Well-Being

Employee wellbeing, employee happiness, employee engagement, employee experience, employee satisfaction... these are the terms often used interchangeably. While they are related, they don’t mean the same things, and the strategies around how to improve them can be significantly different.

When talking about employee wellbeing, think about it as the way employees’ duties, expectations, stress levels and working environments affect their overall health and happiness.

Organizations need to understand that employee wellbeing encompasses much more than just physical health. Moreover, it is about less tangible factors, your employees' mood and cognition. Above all, employee wellbeing is about understanding your employees from a holistic perspective which can only be achieved within organizations that are employee-centric. 

Let’s take a look into the crucial steps for implementing and maintaining your employee wellbeing program:

1. Get executives’ buy-in and support

2. Send a company-wide wellbeing survey 

3. Create a wellbeing program based on your employees’ feedback

4. Define the goals

5. Launch your wellbeing program and make the company-wide announcement

6. Promote your wellbeing program and communicate its benefits to build internal awareness

7. Get your managers on board

8. Continuously encourage employees to participate and solicit their ideas

9. Measure the impact

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