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Companies worldwide face continual risk challenges: environmental liabilities, employee health and safety, natural and manmade incidents, and a volatile supply chain. Any one of these risks can affect your business operations — and your bottom line.

JLA provides risk management insights and solutions for chemical companies. Our analytics tools can benchmark and quantify your risk exposures, helping you to structure insurance programs in an economically efficient manner while meeting the risk tolerance goals of your organization.

Marsh's risk management experts can develop, negotiate, and implement cost-effective risk management plans tailored to your business’s long- and short-term goals. Our services include:

  • Asset protection and loss control.

  • Business risk consulting.

  • Captive management.

  • Claims advocacy and claims accounting preparation.

  • Crisis management and business continuity planning.

  • Environmental consulting.

  • Mergers and acquisitions due diligence.

  • Product risk assessments.

  • Property risk consulting.

  • Supply chain risk analysis.

  • Workforce strategies.

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