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Cyber Risk

Code on Laptop Computer

The sensitive customer data stored within company servers and in the cloud is vulnerable to attacks from hackers and other cyber criminals.

Most people think only large corporations are in danger of cybercrime attacks. But, all businesses that use computers connected to the Internet are at risk.

More than one-third of businesses experience a data breach each year. If a similar event happened at your business, would you be able to pay for the resulting damages?

Many cyber liability policies cover a variety of expenses associated with a cyberattack:

  • Stolen data retrieval

  • Reimbursement of fraudulent charges

  • Identity protection services for customers at risk of identity theft

  • Damage control for your business’ reputation

  • Legal fees associated with the attack

  • And other cleanup efforts

A general liability policy often excludes losses incurred because of the Internet. A cyber liability policy can fill in that gap. It may be the difference between closing your business and making a comeback.

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