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Tow Truck Operations

Tow Truck

JLA Insurance Group is excited to introduce a new Tow Truck Operators Insurance Program that offers Lower Insurance Premiums with Industry Specific Coverages. Our program is new to Michigan and can provide premium cost savings with broader coverages to help your business prosper.

JLA Insurance Group is a member of the Michigan Towing Association and we work with Tow Truck Operators across the State. We are a full-service, independent, Michigan agency and we’ve teamed up with our insurance carriers to provide a specialized insurance program for Tow Truck Operators.  Our program is different than most as we work with a niche carrier with underwriters and claims representatives who have expertise and knowledge specific to the unique exposures in the Towing industry.

JLA Insurance Group’s Tow Truck Operators Program is specifically designed for Towing and Auto Service companies and provides comprehensive coverages with the best available pricing. 

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