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Surety & Bonds

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If you are a contractor (of any industry), you’ll promise clients that you’ll finish their work according to their stipulations. Contracts are not stipulations to take lightly. They are legally-binding. Yet, you can’t eliminate the possibility that a project will go awry. If you fail to honor your obligations, what can you do? Many businesses turn to Surety Bonds to help in case of project defaults.

Surety bonds fall under the umbrella of consumer protection. They function like an insurance policy.

If you make a contract with a client, a surety bond functions as a guarantee that you will do the work accordingly. If you fail to follow or complete a contract, the client can file a claim against the bond. Therefore, they’ll be able to recoup some of the money lost by the failure of the project.

With insurance, the insurance company pays a settlement on your behalf. Under a bond, however, you must pay the settlement to the affected customer. Therefore, the bond functions like a guarantee that you will cover the customer’s losses in case of a problem on your end. It tells your clients that you have the financial backing behind you to do their work appropriately.

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