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Working With Us

Our Team

We understand that people seek for a team that they can trust will provide prompt and effective service.  Additionally, a partner that understands their company's business, inside and out. For these reasons, we continue to educate ourselves to better serve our current and future clients. We take great pride in our work, which typically begins with an in-person discovery meeting and in-depth company evaluation at every renewal. 


Over many decades, we have found that people prefer simplicity, especially because insurance and benefits can get complex. Complexity can create confusion, so we developed a comprehensible process that is easy to understand and follow along. We begin by gathering all the necessary information up front, then we get to work by presenting your company to our 50+ insurance carrier markets.


In the end, our mission is to provide you with results that make you feel confident will protect you from unforeseeable risks, improve your bottom-line and finally, add value to your organization.

What is the ICA and How Does that Benefit Businesses?

The mission of ICA is to leverage our collective intelligence and expertise to provide the best employee benefit solutions to our clients.


Together, we are one of the largest benefit and HR consulting firms in the Midwest.


You benefit from our combined "purchasing power," which give us the most competitive pricing for: 

  • Insurance Products

  • Administrators

  • Payroll Providers

  • Compliance platforms; and

  • Technology ventures

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