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Risk Consulting

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When managing business risk, the actual purchase of insurance is the final step in the process. Our experienced consultants can identify risks, develop new solutions, and evaluate and enhance risk-management programs. We offer an independent, third-party assessment of your existing program, especially if you have doubts about whether all risks are adequately addressed by your company’s insurance program or you’re concerned that costs are not in line with your exposures. We invite you to call JLA Insurance Group if you are at all uncomfortable with the risk-management advice you’ve been receiving, have experienced uncovered claims or recovery that’s been less than expected, or find yourself needing assistance in evaluating insurance alternatives.

JLA Insurance Group partners with clients to decrease the likelihood of an accident and thus potentially reduce insurance premiums through a comprehensive risk exposure review including:

  • Injury reporting & trend analysis

  • OSHA 300 Log review & training & compliance assistance

  • Food Service injury potential / training

  • Slips / Trips / Falls prevention

  • Ergonomic evaluation & training

  • Construction audits

  • Development of targeted approaches to reduce the likelihood of losses

  • Safety Training, Modules & Programs

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