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Getting Started
  1. Identify Risks & Exposures

  2. Define Strategies to Handle those Risks & Exposures

  3. Implement Programs

  4. Workers Comp Experience Mod Audit

  5. Market Analysis & Placement

  6. Hand-Pick Other Services that are Available and Applicable to Your Business

  7. Renew Policies Confidently

1. Identify Risks & Exposures

Are you aware of the order in which to handle risk? Have you ever identified the exposures that your business faces daily?

The risks & exposures that pertain to your business are specific to you and your business only. ​

While many businesses share the same types of risks, we find that skipping the first three steps of handling risk and just transferring it to an insurance company, does not solve the core problem.

In fact, according to a report performed by Statista and presented by The Hanover Insurance Company, 79% of small businesses either completely agree or agree that proper coverage is more important than price, yet 

just 54% are extremely confident that their organization is adequately insured. 

This is why we take the time to explain what risks and hazards are, educate about the Risk Order of Operations, identify what threats all businesses are exposed to, and how to handle them. 

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2. Define Strategies to Handle Those Risks & Exposures

Let's say you are confident about what, from where, and how your business could suffer a loss.

What strategies have you put in place to reduce the possibility of a loss?

Have you made attempts to reduce the physical and morale hazards that increase the chance of a loss? 

Because many risks can be controlled internally, we utilize a simple process to clearly define ways to handle the threats we found in Step #1.

3. Implement Programs

At this point, we'd be surprised if you haven't learned anything yet.


Most of the businesses that contact us, simply want a quote.


But because the purpose of insurance is to transfer the risk from you and your business to a large third-party financial institution (insurance company), wouldn't make sense to begin with implementing strategies that would help reduce the need for insurance rather than just get a bunch of quotes every year trying to find the cheapest package?

If you answered yes, you may still be curious about why you would need insurance after all...

Aside from another businesses requiring you to show proof of insurance coverage to work with them, we live in an imperfect world: Mistakes happen, accidents happen, Acts of God are unpredictable. And, even if we reduced the chance of loss by a sliver, that could ultimately save a building, save a life, or save a business from going out of business.

In a 2021 Chubb survey, it was revealed that 83% of respondents agree that current events in the world have impacted their feelings about risk, and they are now more aware of risk management than they were a year or two ago.

To be frank, this is a reactive approach. The programs we recommend you to implement proactively help bolster safety, save time, and best of all, make your business more profitable (organically)!

4. Workers Comp Experience Mod Audit

Workers Compensation can be a scary term to most businesses located in Michigan. Why is it that way?

It's likely because of the "quote and pray" method we have all come in contact with at some point early in our first experience with buying insurance - likely the day our parents kicked us out of their home and you had to shop for renters insurance.

For Workers Comp especially, many businesses can save some money in years one or two but then, the rates creep back up; especially after an accident occurs.

But, what is the core problem? It's not that rates are high, it's the operations within the business that are usually lacking. 

So, when we talk about Workers Compensation Insurance, we perform a Workers Comp Experience Mod Audit, which works for you in five distinct ways.

5 Reasons Why an Audit is Necessary to Lower Your Workers Comp Premiums:

#1 Validate the accuracy of your X-Mod
5. Market Analysis & Placement

You may be asking yourself why this step isn't listed 1st. 

In the many decades of doing this, we have found that the average business has been trained, by uninformed and commission-driven insurance agents, to ‘quote and (s)pray’ their insurance policies with 3+ agents every single year to find the cheapest option possible.

Just understand that this method doesn’t solve the root problem. In fact, this method increases your premiums! Yes, you read that correctly - increases

How is this possible? 

Among the few ways, here's one that many people don't know about: A single underwriter at an individual insurance agency usually receives between 30 and 60 new business insurance submissions a month (two to three each working day). Their first job is to weed out the unserious submissions first, so they can get to work on the important ones. Since underwriters utilize software to track the company's submissions, it's easy to see who they've come in contact with before.

If your business frequently goes to market utilizing a 'quote and (s)pray' method with multiple agents, year over year, underwriters learn that you are not a serious buyer based on loyalty. They learn that you shop frequently and will be highly reluctant in offering competitive terms (pricing). 

Worst of all, when your business suffers a loss and is up against the fence with rising premiums, achieving competitive terms will be highly improbable. 

This is why it's important to work with an insurance agency that has a strong relationship with their carrier partners, understands their appetite, and together, you can selectively hand-pick the companies you want to work with.

"81% of Businesses
Become Clients After Steps 1-5"
6. Hand-Pick Services that are Available and Applicable to Your Business

At this point, you are successfully a client of JLA Insurance Group.

Congratulations - You have done so much to improve your business! Give yourself a pat on the back!

As a client of JLA Insurance Group, we offer much more than what we have already done together. 

Here is a compiled list of ways we can continue to build the best shield around your business:

  • Mid-Term Review

  • Return-to-Work Program

  • Premium Audit Review

  • Handbook & Document Building

  • HR Hotline

  • Cyber Risk Analysis

  • 24/7 Injury Nurse Triage Hotline

  • Loss Control Services:

    • Business Continuity/Disaster Planning

    • Custom Training Programs

    • Employee/Workplace Safety

    • General Liability Evaluations

    • Product Safety

    • Property Analysis (including compliance)

    • Quality Control/Assurance Program Evaluation

    • Risk Assessment & Loss Control Audits

    • Safety Program Development

    • Security Evaluations

    • Vehicle/Fleet Safety​

7. Renew Confidentially

Insurance renewals can be a stressful time for businesses. 

This is mostly due to the unawareness and expectations within the many topics revolved around what it takes to renew insurance policies. 


Premium Audits for Workers Comp and General Liability, can be a huge pain if you are not prepared.

Worst of all, receiving a large invoice without any heads up while having to pay the renewal premium all at the same time can put your cash flow in a bind.

Our Team has dedicated ourselves to make the renewal process a breeze.


You can expect your designated Renewal Account Manager to reach out to you 3 months in advance to your renewal. This allow ample time to gather information, submit renewal supplementals, or any other required action. 

In the end, you can Renew Confidently knowing that your insurance program is handled properly!

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