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What to do after a car accident

Whether you've gotten into a fender bender or totaled your car, accidents are scary. No matter the cause – weather and road conditions, irresponsible driving behavior, or something unforeseen – you should be prepared for any possibility. Even the most careful drivers can be involved in an accident, which is why we've provided these nine tips to help you get through an accident safely:

  1. STOP. Stop immediately, but do not obstruct traffic. If the accident was minor, move all cars involved to a safe place out of traffic. If the accident was more serious but you seem well enough to move, bring yourself and any other people involved to the side of the road, away from oncoming traffic.

  2. Call the police and assist anyone injured. Have someone call the police now. Now, this one is easier said than done, but try to remain calm and take deep breaths to keep a clear head during this experience – there may be details you'll need to remember later you'll only recall if you were calm. If the accident was caused by another party, try to keep your cool and be polite.

  3. Secure names, phone numbers, address of other drivers, witnesses, and injured persons. Collect as much information as you can about the other parties involved, including the driver's name, address, phone number, insurance company, policy number. If you feel that you caused the accident, do not claim fault with the other party - it makes things more difficult for you later!

  4. Secure make, model, and license numbers of all cars involved.

  5. Take Photos and Document. Use your phone to take photos of all angles of all vehicles involved.

  6. Don't accept settlements People may try to get creative by offering cash right then and there to avoid police interaction and a claim on their insurance. Don't accept anything until you have a police report first.

  7. Remain calm, courteous, and consistent in your version of the accident. Record a video of the scene on your phone and talk through what happened so it's documented in your own words.

  8. Notify your insurance agent. Once you leave the scene and are in a safe place, contact your insurance agency (JLA Insurance Group 248-528-2400) to make a claim or at least notify them of the incident. Don't worry, not all claims are immediately reported to your carrier if you speak to your agent rather the insurance company directly.

At JLA Insurance Group, we are always providing an option to purchase roadside assistance and towing endorsements on your auto insurance policy. We highly recommend to purchase these because the last thing you want to hear is that you have to pay out of pocket for a likely few hundred dollar expense to tow your vehicle to a local repair shop.

If you need assistance with your auto insurance, please contact us today! The reason we chose to be an Independent Insurance Agency is so we can provide you with multiple options. We recognize that everyone's situation is different and the ability to contact multiple insurance carriers helps us tailor a policy specifically for you. Our team is waiting to provide expert guidance and advice.


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